Crispy Hash Brown – in the waffle maker!

When you have a hungry baby home from boarding and demands food at any given time of the day…. that’s the time you start thinking especially when he wakes up at 11.45 a.m. and demands food instantly … you have to feed them in such a way that you do not have to worry about lunch!!!

I thought of making hash brown in a waffle maker.  My first attempt with the waffle maker, want to see what is the difference between making it on the griddle and the waffle maker.


Grate two large size potatoes (you can grate them with skin.  I scraped the skin out as my son likes it that way). Spread the grated potatoes on a tea towel to let the excess water drain on the towel and then twist it  to remove the moisture out with the paper towel.  It’s easier to twist it with the paper towel.



Season it with salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper (you can use paprika too) and drizzle a bit of olive oil and mix.  Add the shredded potatoes – 1 1/2 cup –  on to the preheated oiled waffle iron.


Cook it for approximately 20 minutes.


And voilà…. – It turned out more crisper using the waffle iron then the griddle.  Serve it with any favourite accompaniments!  I served it with sunny side up eggs, sausages and baked beans.




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